Time for a revolution : Go green and vegan in fashion and clothing

Apr 10 , 2018

Time for a revolution : Go green and vegan in fashion and clothing

Yes, it's a time when we need to realize how important it is to choose vegan clothing. Vegan clothes are manufactured from the fabrics that are absolutely animal free. Animals are being cruelly treated and tortured to extract the most expensive fabrics like wool, fur, leather, silk etc. There are hundreds of other fabrics in the fashion industry which are used to make the most beautiful outfits.

But have you given a thought that the lovely outfit which you choose would be a friendly fabric? And especially when it comes to your little ones you would never want to compromise over the quality. The skin of babies is so delicate that they cannot afford to wear every other fabric. Nowadays thousands of fabrics are there in the market which are not natural. They are man-made synthetic fibres which have gone through chemical processes to derive many more types of fabrics like polyester, acrylic, artificial silk and much more. The manufacturing process involves lots of chemicals which are quite harmful. That's the reason it is said, the textile industry contributes the maximum pollution to the ecosystem.

So, what to opt for? Cotton, cotton and cotton.
True, cotton clothes are the best choice for everyone, especially for the kids because of their sensitive and delicate skin. Every parent would agree on one thing that they want the best for their children. We always want to see our child comfortable in respect of clothing whether it is sport sessions, outings, parties or casual dates. 100% cotton clothing is soft and safeguards the wellbeing of your cute little ones. Cotton fibre is a natural plant-based fibre which comes from a cotton plant, used to make many fabrics at every price range.

India has a huge influence on how our fashion is made globally, and we definitely understand the importance and benefits of organic food and using organic cleaning products but how much are we aware of necessity of being organic and eco-friendly when it comes to fashion. If you are an animal lover, care about the planet, concerned about what goes inside your body, create an impact on welfare of others, then make a note of this:

Organic fabric brings out a major impact on your health and the health of our planet.

Let's figure out in various ways, how cotton clothing is so beneficial for your little pea.


1. Easy Breathing:

We all are very well aware that cotton is the best and beats all fabrics, in respect of cooling properties. It has an exceptionally excellent breathability function, unlike other blended fabrics, making kids sweat-trap free while having play and fun sessions.

2. Moisture Control:

The nature of cotton permits it to absorb and remove the body’s moisture easily. Cotton has moisture wicking properties that is specially designed to keep oneself cooler and drier during any physical activity.

3. Natural insulator:

Cotton also acts as natural insulator, hence keeps warm when worn as an under-layer, unlike other synthetic fibres. It has such an outstanding property of protecting against the heat in summer and against cold in winter by acting as thermal insulators, as cotton can trap air between the fibres.

4. Mother's touch:

As cotton is a natural fibre, cotton clothes are not at all harsh on your child's skin. It's the most comfortable and soft fabric hence making it the best choice of every mother.

5. Allergy free:

Since cotton is a natural fibre, it is hypoallergenic which means, it causes no reaction to the skin and is recommended to the kids with highly sensitive skin

6. Wear more wash less, easy wash:

As a parent we all understand how difficult it is to keep the kids clean. After a day in a park or at the beach or even at the party, the thing which comes to mind is cleaning their clothes. Thanks to cotton that it can be easily washed by hands or machine several times without the fear of fading and tearing.

Only a handful of brands understand the importance of organic clothing and Roots & Wings is among such brands who use cotton and organic fabrics for our little ones, because we care 💚


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