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I FOLLOW SUSTAINABLE LIVING - Author: @disha_mybabydiaries by Disha Suvarana

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  • I try to follow sustainable living by trying to minimize plastic use, I exclusively cloth diaper and mostly buy wooden toys for my little one. If I find anything that can convince me to make a switch for a better planet, I am all in to incorporate it into my daily life.

    Did you know, fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world, behind only fossil fuel energy production. Have you thought about how much waste a biodegradable item like our clothing could generate? It takes a lot of resources like water, electricity, raw material to manufacture the clothes we use daily. After the clothing has been used they will be dumped which in turn will increase landfill. When textile clothing ends up in landfills the chemicals on the clothes, such as the dye, can cause environmental damage by leaching the chemicals into the ground. What if we could reuse these materials and recreate a new fabric all together instead of dumping them or use more natural and organic products and reduce waste? And let's not get into how many animals are butchered in the name of fashion.

    Zero waste fashion is something which I came across recently which means 👗old clothes recycled into new clothing
    👗clothes being manufactured with minimum waste.
    @rootsandwingsclothing is such a brand which follows zero waste fashion, is PETA approved, vegan and is cruelty free. They also have a limited design organic line.
    The outfit Raisha is wearing here was sent to us by @rootsandwingsclothing. It is from their normal clothing range, but what makes it different is that it is designed such that there is minimum waste. The leftover cloth is used to create accessories like pouches, bottle cover etc. Wooden buttons are used instead of plastic and packaged in recycled paper. Now coming to the dress, the quality is great, there was no colour bleed or shrinkage of the material after washing. It looked so beautiful on Raisha, the ruffled sleeves, the zigzag edges on the bottom shows there was no compromise on styling as well. Not to miss the little details they have added on the top through those wooden embellishments.The brand is doing their bit in being #ecofriendly, do check them out.