May 03 , 2018



Kids are an important part of our lives, no matter what they do.

As parents, we always want the best for them.

We can attain a healthy and happy life for them with some basic tricks.

The generation has brought up modern thinking and high learning skills which most of us do not realise, can be dangerous in some aspects.


Firstly, let’s talk about their food habits.

Marketing enterprisers are disbursing money every month to get their products at kids eye level. They simply know that kids will perturb the life out of somebody for a candy that will become obsolete in seconds. No wonder we go in to get groceries and come out with a bunch of unwanted stuff along. Parenting has never been an easy job, nor will it ever be.

Careful cooking is love.

Getting your child to eat a healthy meal is close to an accomplishment.

The new trick is to try to present healthy food in an unhealthy way, lol.

Isn’t that what most parents do?


Kids love to imitate their parents. So be a good one. Adults have hi-end fashion and kids undoubtedly want to cope with them. We deck them up with branded sunglasses, jackets and all the heavy and uncomfortable dresses possible. But we, as parents need to make sure that our kids dress up modestly and wear quality fashionable clothes. In this way they get to enjoy their childhood safely and comfortably.


Books are a child’s best friend. No! Technology is, unfortunately. There was a time when kids spent hours splashing in the mud, spending time playing together, reading books and watching informative programmes. Nowadays, little do we get to see that. All we see is more of mobile phones and nugatory TV programmes. We can change these bad habits by taking out the idiot box and bringing in books which will open a world of imagination for them. Get started! Let’s achieve the true sense of being a good parent, that we all want to be!Teach your littles ones the importance of thestruggles of life and of spreading happiness.  


We, at Roots and Wings care for your little ones as much as we do for ours. Caring for health alone is not sufficient for a happy and healthylife. The clothes your kids wear matter too. Our fashion clothing line is Peta approved Vegan, zero-waste fashion,cruelty-free and sustainable because we care for mother nature and ultimately for our children's future. We provide comfort and care along with keeping up with modern fashion trends as well. So your kids can slay in style.

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