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WAISTCOATS ARE NEAT! Author: myrainbowquill By: Rooshna

Posted by Roots and Wings on

Sent to us by @rootsandwingsclothing, the quality of the vest that Darling's wearing is classy and comfortable. The olive color is comely when paired with a thawb ☺

@rootsandwingsclothing believe in sustainable fashion. That means they manufacture their clothing line the eco-friendly way ➖ Using wooden buttons. ➖ Converting waste fabrics into duvets, quilt and jewellery ➖ Recycling paper into creating functional handbags, invoices and boxes for shipping, et al.

You can know so much more about them through their website where they've showcased some stylish collection of  #babywear and #kidswear.

Meanwhile, Darling looks cultured in his suited up 'jubbah' and we are loving it on him 😊💖 .