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ZERO WASTE CLOTHING FOR KIDS Author: momzdiary by Anisha Agrawal

Posted by Roots and Wings on

We can only give them a happy and healthy future by going organic and eco friendly not just in terms of food or regular products but also in the clothes we wear or choose for them..

@rootsandwingsclothing has recently launched their vegan clothing line for kids ranging from 1-8 Y, they believe in sustainable or zero waste fashion and by upcycling the fabric into pretty looking outfits and goodies !! Their key fabric is cotton and blends of cotton which makes them easy on our little one's skin...

What i liked best about them is, they make full use of the left over fabric in creating other goodies and despite being a vegan range the products are absolutely gorgeous !!

They are also offering an additional 10% off in addition to their existing 20% discount to my followers by using the code 'ANISHA10' .. Happy Shopping !!

P.S- This cute little hair accessory is by @hair_love_always .