PETA Approved Vegan | Zero-waste Fashion | Fair Trade | No Child Labour | Reduce- Reuse- Recycle | Cruelty Free

About Us

Our Story
Children love stories and whether we agree or not whatever your age we read love stories in the form of chats, novels, newspapers, movies and what not.

This is the story of two little girls who met when they were in kindergarten. Through school, college and adulthood, they played, laughed, fought, experienced love and heartbreaks and life went on unfolding new aspects for them.

Their careers took different paths turning one into a model and actor endorsing various prestigious brands of India, while the other explored so many career paths right from travel, tourism and now owns a successful Zumba training venture.

While one has completed a decade and half of motherhood, the other is a new mommy. That’s when they decided to rejoin their paths and start their lives as two little girls all over again. That was the birth of their company “Two little girls” which has ventured into ‘Roots & Wings’, an exclusive and hi-end clothing line for kids.

“Roots” would indicate our tradition and virtues while “Wings” stands for the heights we would like our children to fly at.

The brand has kept in mind that children today want to dress up like their mommies, daddies and all the grownups they see around them so it’s a fusion of the taste of children and parents alike. It focuses on casuals, fusion, Indian ethnic and party wear. Parents spend time and money choosing and shopping the right outfit for their children and then kids wouldn’t want to wear them because it “pokes” or “’irritates” them. Therefore, the brand takes special care to use only “Cotton” as their key fabric, considerably reducing the use of manmade fabrics.

Our Vision
Two things we want to leave behind for our children ‘Roots’ and ‘Wings’ and that cannot happen if we don’t leave behind a planet.

Our Mission
If we care about the future generation of our planet, we should care about the planet we will leave for them.

‘Roots and Wings’ is:

VEGAN: We are a PETA approved Vegan company completely cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We do not use real fur, leather, silk, wool in our making because we believe that kindness should always remain in fashion and we all want our children to grow with love and harmony for the environment.

ORGANIC: At the moment we only have a single line of organic products for which we source our organic fabrics from GOTS certified vendors. Organic Farming not only is pesticide free but it also promotes fair trade, does not use genetic modification on the crops, reduces carbon footprint, is environment-friendly, reduces soil erosion thus protecting bio-diversity and creating a balanced eco-system. It also promotes fair trade.

SUSTAINABLE: We believe that ‘sustainable’ textile is the future since it’s only then that we can leave behind a clean planet for our kids. This kind of Eco-fashion filters the human impact on the planet. It is our social responsibility to be a part of this sustainable movement. Sustainable fashion is typically more expensive than clothing produced by conventional methods. We use wooden buttons and minimize the use of plastic in the overall functioning of our manufacturing process.

ZERO WASTE FASHION: We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle raw materials used in our production thereby generating little to no waste through our manufacturing process.

UPCYCLING and RECYCLING: Fabric that is wasted from the production of garments creates an alarming level of textile pollution. Upcycling makes use of already existing materials. We put in efforts to minimize harm in growth, manufacturing and shipping of the products. We at ‘Roots & Wings’ make sure we upcycle our waste fabrics into beautiful goodies like quilts, duvets, accessories, bags etc. We use recycled paper for hang tags, boxes, shopping bags and invoices. Even our back office writes on papers with pencils so it can be erased and reused to its optimum capacity.

NO CHILD LABOUR: Clothing one child and depriving the other of basic rights is not what we promote. Therefore, no child labor is encouraged here and we pay better to the workers compared to their standard wages.

We would like to further venture into the recycled fabric like Patagonia (recycled polyester), a fabric made out of waste such as plastic and natural fibers like soy.

A clothing line for our little ones protecting their present and their future.